Maggie Tielker
Designer & Creative Director

Nice to meet you.

Hey, there! I'm Maggie.

I'm a Designer & Creative Director from sunny

Los Angeles, California.

Hey look, it’s me!

Hey look, it’s me!

My background is in UI/Web Design and Art Direction. I love working with and growing great brands. 

I’m currently a Senior Visual Designer at a Sports Data Company called Genius Sports in Santa Monica, CA. I work with strategists, researchers and other talented designers to create high quality, cutting edge products. Prior to that, I managed a creative team of 5 at Media Temple (a GoDaddy company), a premium web hosting and cloud services provider that serves the creative community and beyond.

As a flexible designer and creative, I have been part of re-branding three major companies, designed full-scale multimedia Marketing campaigns, and more.

I care about people: working with them, designing for them, and advocating for their equality and rights in and outside of the workplace. I co-led GoDaddy and Media Temple's UNITED LGBT Employee Resource Group, and won the 2016 Outstanding Volunteer Award at the Los Angeles LGBT Center for Cultural Arts.

I also love scented candles, drag shows, ice cream, pop music and horror movies.

Think we could work well together? 

Once you hire Maggie, she’ll become the heart and soul of your team. She’s a sharp, smart designer who can command a brand with ease, and she’s incredible at building teams and connections across departments.

Maggie’s thoughtful and caring approach to her craft, to her collaborators, and to company culture make her a can’t-miss leader.
Mike Martens
Sr. Creative Strategist, Media Temple
There are visual designers who know how to make things look good, and then there are designers who know why they look good. Maggie has a deep understanding of the foundations of visual design that drives her craft to excellence and unlocks a versatility that most designers lack. Simply, her work is consistently strong but not consistently the same.

In one week she would develop striking marketing visuals, utilitarian UIs, warm and inviting communications, and all with multiple options to choose from. As a design leader, she would regularly take the initiative to conduct software trainings, schedule critiques, and mentor junior contributors.
Jeffrey Mahacek
VP of Design, Nerdwallet