Maggie Tielker
Creative Direction & Design
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Motion Graphics

An exciting part of my job as an Art Director in recent years has been creating illustrations and storyboards for motion graphics projects. I've collaborated with animators, editors, voice over actors, etc. to bring my artwork to life.

A peek into my process

A peek into my process

Here, you can see how I sketch out screens by hand in a notebook or on a whiteboard, and then translate it to Illustrator.

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...and the finished product!

Storyboards, art direction and illustration: Maggie Tielker

The History of Media Temple

Storyboards, illustration, and art direction: Maggie Tielker
Animation: Shane Swinnea
Finishing: Levi Obery

Economist Debate: The news industry

A piece I did for the Economist in 2012.

Managed Hosting

DV Managed

DV Developer


AWS from Amazon

G Suite by Google

I worked with live action video on this piece to incorporate elements of the G Suite UI into the video.

Produced by Levi Obery.